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How to make a Fantasy World Collage with Colette Whittington

April 2021

A unique sound collage created by artist Caro C and MFT staff

July 2021

Music for Relaxation with Holly Marland

April 2021

Meet Flo – A member of the MFT workforce who attended Lime’s visual art + poetry workshop

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The workshop was really good fun and I could not recommend it enough.


I enjoyed learning new things about schools of art, ‘playing’ with collage, complete distraction from everyday stresses. It was perfect. I very much enjoyed the session and the facilitator was gentle, encouraging, reassuring and interesting.


After a stressful, busy, no stop day at work, and a stressful time in my life also, it was perfect to sit and do something I would never normally do, and to use my hands and a part of my brain that I miss using


It is a great thing you give to staff. You can lose yourself in the moment.


It was a safe space to be creative, I could relax without worrying that I wasn’t doing something right.


I enjoyed the atmosphere of excitement during it and pride at the end of it for completing a poem! It was very inspiring


It was a good session and well presented. I would recommend it for all staff as it helps to destress, be creative, gives you new ideas and knowledge.


Can I say I thoroughly enjoyed the session, it took me off to another place, it helped me feel happy and less stressed



Art Workshop
An student nurse at Manchester Royal Infirmary joins a Lime printmaking workshop.
SODEXO Self - Portraits with The Singh Twins
The Singh Twins at Manchester Art Gallery during the SODEXO staff self-portraits project
SODEXO Self - Portraits with The Singh Twins
Manchester Art Gallery Curator Fiona Corridan introduces SODEXO staff to artwork in the Grayson Perry exhibition
Q + A at Manchester Art Gallery with The Singh Twins + SODEXO staff
Manchester Art Gallery Curator Fiona Corridan leads a fascinating Q+A with The Singh Twins and SODEXO staff about the twins new work ‘NHS V’s Covid19
SODEXO Self-Portraits with The Singh Twins
Guided by The Singh Twins, SODEXO staff develop self-portraits depicting aspects of their personality, identity and heritage at the Lime Arts studio
SODEXO Self - Portraits with The Singh Twins
Intense concentration as SODEXO staff work on their self-portraits with The Singh Twins
SODEXO Self - Portraits with The Singh Twins
The Singh twins : A collection of self-portraits by SODEXO staff representing individual personality, character and identity through colour, drawing and symbology. Workshop facilitated by The Singh Twins and Collete Whittington
SODEXO Staff Self Portraits
A unique collection of self-portraits by SODEXO staff who worked with the Singh Twins and used colour, objects and symbology to represent their personality, character and identity.

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