A selection of short films, activity workshops, how to’s + artworks made for and co-created by MFT staff + patients with Lime’s artists

Create+ Staff Feedback a Sound Collage by Caro Churchill

Enhancing Patient Care at MFT through Arts, Music + Creativity

Lime CCU Festival 2023 Highlights

Lime – A Retrospective

MFT managers find out how Create+ can support your staff

One Day One Ward by Caro C (sound/music), Kim Wiltshire (writer/poet) in collaboration with Ward 1 MFT nursing staff at the MRI

Create.Connect.Unwind Festival May 2022 – Harpist Rebecca Mills

Break the Silence @ Create.Connect.Unwind Festival – spoken word, poetry and flash fiction

Create.Connect.Unwind Festival May 2022. Stringboxes – Kora + Double Bass

Create.Connect.Unwind. Festival May 2022 – Dandiya Indian Dance Workshops for NHS Staff

^ A soundcollage made by Caro C and staff from MFT during the pandemic

A music for relaxation exercise made for MFT staff by Holly Marland

Emily Roberston tells us about her experience after attending a Lime creative writing workshop

Force Behind the Scenes – An arts project with The Singh Twins and MFT Sodexo staff

Have you ever tried body percussion? Why not give it a go ? A fun and energising workshop made for MFT staff by Holly Marland.

Lime Art Packs: A guide to processing a cyanotype print with Colette Whitington

Relax with collage – A guide made for MFT staff by Colette Whittington

‘Optical Dance’ an animation made by Louise Wilde + nursing staff at MRI

A short film about Lime’s pop up gallery + exhibition at MFT

An animated sound collage by Louise Wilde, Caro Churchill + patients from MRI

An animation by Louise Wilde about nursing staff at MRI