Project Description

Starship X Ray is an award winning art and design project within the radiology department at Royal Manchester Children’s Hospital.

Supported by MFT Charity and funded by the Thomas Cook Children’s Charity, Starship X-ray has transformed a very busy, stark clinical environment into a child-friendly and therapeutic space. The primary aim of the project was to use art and design to promote relaxation and reassurance during often lengthy and distressing procedures.

The ‘Space’ theme for the project was requested by radiology staff and patients who hoped to create a unique identity for the department. Lime visual artists worked with staff, patients and families to explore the space theme through a series of group discussions and creative workshops. A continuous dialogue between patients, their families and staff has maintained a true sense of inclusion and ownership among these key people who testify that the transformation has had a huge impact on patient experience and care.

“LIME has made a crucial contribution to improve the experience of the children and their families in the radiology department at the Royal Manchester Children’s Hospital.Our department has become a much friendlier environment for children who have become more cooperative when they are asked to lie down or remain still for their scans. The art work uses a multisensory process that helps manage a child’s distress and generate more trust with the staff.

From a purely diagnostic perspective we are now able to obtain higher quality images and there are fewer cases where children require sedation for exams. When a child is distracted we are able to obtain diagnostic images on the first go, hence reducing the amount of radiation used to obtain the information that is essential to make clinical decisions. Children can now better cope with fear and
anxiety associated with the hospital environment and radiological procedures.

Thank you LIME Arts for making our children happier and my job much more enjoyable”.

– Rui M. F. Santos (MD) Consultant Paediatric Radiologist at Royal Manchester Children’s Hospital

“The ceiling light box that has been installed in the CT room came into its own the day after it went in. We had a young lady who had previously struggled to stay on the scanner, lie quietly and count the butterflies and monkeys. Her mum was nearly in tears as what had previously been a traumatic experience for them both was completed with ease and they both came away smiling for the first time.”

– Radiographer, Royal Manchester Children’s Hospital

“This truly is an exciting development in the field of enhancing the patient experience.”
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