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Liam Curtin

Liam Curtin has worked as a teacher, potter, artist and curator since 1973. Since 1994 he has made public art. His permanent and temporary works throughout Britain and Ireland include the Blackpool High Tide organ – A sculpture that responds sonically to the rise and fall of sea water, and The Meccano Bridge – A canal foot bridge built by local people from scaled up giant meccano pieces.

Liam has been advising Lime for a number of years and has taken the lead on several high-profile art projects – most recently being a recognition artwork for organ donation, working closely with bereaved families, donor recipients and the organ donation team. He is also currently developing themes and possible artworks for the planned renovation of the Royal Manchester Children’s Hospital’s Atrium and Outpatients Dept. Regarding his approach when working with Lime, Liam explains:

“The sort of artworks Lime commissions requires a dialogue with a range of people. On previous projects I have worked in collaboration with a number of professionals from artists, historians, philosophers, plumbers, composers /musicians, scientists, engineers, poets, and market traders. Equally, in identifying who the artwork is for I have collaborated with local residents, students, businesses and anyone who might be interested. It’s not a matter of asking people what they want, more a process of listening to their concerns and guiding, through participation, to a conclusion that fulfils them and, in some cases, surprises them. Consultation is not about including everyone’s idea; the artist has to be the creator, hence the surprise!”