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Caro C

Caro C is a composer, producer and performer of adventurous electronica. Caro only started making music thanks to being laid up and living in a double-decker bus in the late 1990’s. Described as a “sonic enchantress” (BBC Radio 3), Caro employs electronic and acoustic instruments, including her voice and found sounds (non-musical objects) to blur the boundaries of sound and music. She loves how everyday objects and sounds uncover the magic in the mundane and provide a unique atmosphere.

Caro has popped up on CBBC, helping Dick and Dom recreate the Dr Who theme with pig sounds; on 6 Music with Nemone as well as presenting a 3-minute epiphany for Mary Anne Hobbs. It’s all about humanity via technology for Caro, her art is her activism.

Caro started working with Lime, pre-pandemic, as part of  Adult Arts at MRI– a participatory arts & music project delivered on the ward and at the bedside of patients. Caro supported patients in making music with ipads, which were then compiled into a soundtrack to accompany animations that the patients were also making. She also delivered fun and engaging singing and improvisation sessions with patients and staff.

During the pandemic, Caro worked with a group of MFT staff on a sound art piece “Emotions Peak Like Waves” centred around the theme of water.  With contributions from the participants which included voice and sounds collected from their home as well as tapping into sound libraries, the sound art proved to be a powerful, moving and therapeutic way of releasing and processing their experiences of working through the pandemic. Caro delivered sessions over Zoom acting as the engineer whilst the group decided the placement and blending of the sounds.

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