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Chiara Vercesi

Chiara Vercesi is an Italian illustrator based in Amsterdam with a keen interest in social, scientific, and environmental topics and exploring the intersectionality between them. She works mainly in editorial and advertising.

Over the years, Chiara has illustrated meaningful stories for clients including Scientific American, The Lancet, and Harvard Public Health Review and has contributed to important fundraising campaigns, such as WWF and Lincoln Park – Chicago.

Chiara is currently working with Lime on the art & design scheme for the Teenzone – a purpose built teen area within one of the wards at the Royal Manchester Children’s Hospital. Regarding the project and working with Lime, Chiara explains:

“This is a unique project. It’s one of those rare cases where you can actually work with the people who will use and “live” what you are doing. This is very rare in my line of work, as I usually deal with art directors and other creatives, but I hardly have the chance to know what the people reading the newspaper or looking at that poster think about my illustration, nor if it helped, irritated, or touched them in any way. Now, I am imagining the new Teenzone with the people that will use it and giving shape to their vision is exciting. Listening to their stories and making sure that everyone feels represented is of paramount importance to me, and that’s why, before getting to the drawing board with Lime and the RMCH staff, we organized several meetings during which I could listen to the needs of everyone involved, from the young people to the hospital management.”

See more of Chiara’s work at her website